How to get to Baler, Aurora Province


How to drive to Baler, Aurora Province

Getting to Baler by Car

Baler is approximately 230 km from Metro Manila. The drive can take 4 and a half hours to six hours depending on the skill of the driver and the amount of traffic on the provincial roads of Tarlac and Nueva Ecija. One one trip, we were riding a coaster with a driver provided by Genesis Transport. We left Baler at around 4 pm and we arrived in Quezon City at 8:30 pm. Of course, the driver was expert and can do the trip with his eyes closed. Maybe, he had his eyes closed considering how many close encounters we had. So, for the more faint of heart, plan on five and half hours easy driving at a sane pace.

The fastest route is via NLEX, thru SCTEX, La Paz to Pantabangan, cross the Sierra Madre and presto, you are in Baler. The roads up to Pantabangan are your typical provincial roads. From Pantabangan onwards, the road is newly concreted almost all the way to Maria Aurora Town in Aurora Province. During our trip last October, DPWH was completing the last 5 km.

Getting to Baler by Bus

Genesis Transport Service provides an easy, stress-free bus ride to Baler. Don’t forget to bring a jacket. The aircon on these buses work too well and you will get very cold after a few hours in the bus.

Bus schedules (as of November 2010)

MNL to Baler – DAILY 1a, 3a, 430a, 530a, 630a, 730a

Baler to MNL – DAILY 430a, 530a, 630a, 730a, 830a and 3p

Genesis Transport Service Bus Rates

The bus rates as of November 2010 are as follows:

Regular 47 to 53-seater bus – Php394 per person per trip

NEW Air Suspension 28-seater bus – Php500 per person per trip

Bus schedules and rates may change without prior notice.

Private Vans

Private Vans are also available from Cabanatuan City. Take any bus to Cabanatuan and make your way to the Van area by tricycle. There are vans travelling to Baler via the Bongabong route through most of the day. However, if you a travelling at first light, then the vans might wait to be filled up with passengers before they travel. This might entail a longer wait.

Photos of Road Signs to Baler

Photos of the major signs and intersections on the way to Baler, Aurora Province. The page includes a printable map and a few suggestions for pit stops along the way.